Are You A Micro Home Buyer Or A Macro Home Buyer?

May 29, 2018

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Micro vs Macro

Some Home Buyers let their Micro Decisions rule their Macro Decisions when looking for their dream home, they let little things that can be changed, altered or repaired affect their decision to buy an otherwise perfect home.

You are a Micro Buyer if you let the colour of the carpet, that you are likely going to have removed and replaced with hardwood sometime not to far down the road, stop you from buying a home. You are a Macro Buyer if you buy it anyway because the rest of the home fits your needs and desires.

Are you looking for the perfect lot and you find one but the location is not exactly what you want so you pass it by. Then you are a Micro Buyer but if you buy it knowing the perfect lot is the hardest thing to find then you are a Macro Buyer.

Don’t Lose Sight Of The Big Picture

Why do some Home Buyers pass the perfect home that might not satisfy all their little extra wants 100%.? Why do some Home Buyers end up months latter still comparing every home they see to the one they let get away.?

Because they let their Micro Desires ….. things like the location of that perfect lot or things that can be changed or altered in the homes they are viewing, that do not meet their desires, to rule out an otherwise perfect Macro home. They loose sight of the big picture.

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