Generation Own, NOT Generation Rent

May 17, 2018

Keep The Dream Alive

This Ontario Election, tell your local candidates to protect the dream of home ownership for future generations.

Visit and take action to protect the Home Ownership Dream ….. Keep The Dream Alive.

Why You Should Care?

  1. Home ownership is the most significant investment most individuals and families will make in their lifetime and it has important economic and social benefits.
  2. Home ownership is a wealth builder over the course of the purchaser’s life providing equity that can be used in retirement and the wealth transferred to children.
  3. There will be even stronger demand for the limited supply of homes with a continued upward pressure on prices if we don’t plan for the future housing needs of millennials and young families.
  4. There is a strong connection between home ownership and positive outcomes for families. Children in owned homes do better in school and families report having improved health (Habitat for Humanity).
  5. Home ownership strengthens the connection between strong communities and a sense of belonging to a neighbourhood.