Kathy In Cambodia

July 21, 2016

Cambodia 2I am back from my great adventure

 ….. teaching English in Siem Reap, Cambodia ….. and what an adventure it was!

The kids were so eager to learn, my group was between 14 and 28 years old, each one came to English Camp to learn and practice their English.  We worked in group settings in the mornings, enjoyed rice meals together, then went off site on excursions in the afternoon. There was lots of singing, games, noise and laughs!

Cambodia 3125 Kids and Young Adults

and about 40 teachers from North America; Ottawa, London, Caledonia and Pennsylvania, so the kids got a lot of attention and opportunities to use their language skills.

A highlight was Angkor Watt the 3,000 year old temple, we actually found everyone and departed with everyone brought ….. that was quite a feat! http://www.tourismcambodia.com/attractions/angkor/angkor-wat.htm

Cambodia 5Other Highlights

Oh the flash floods ….. and walking daily through many inches of filthy water on water clogged roads ….. thank goodness we had flip flops! (only 3 leeches got our group)

Rice ….. rice soup for breakfast, rice lunch and rice again for dinner!!

The heat and humidity were a challenge to everyone ….. I dripped all day every day!

I am so grateful to add this chapter on Cambodia to my life story!

Cambodia 4Pictures Top to Bottom:  teaching under the tent,  introducing the English teachers, excursions to the ancient temples, and a war museum… they loved climbing on the tanks and the helicopter.