November 2016 Month End Uxbridge Real Estate Market Update

December 4, 2016

Listings Are The Key!

Once again the statistics say our average market values improved over this time last year ….. by 51.44% ….. Yes house prices in Uxbridge have risen dramatically, As they have around the GTA, but this does not mean every home in uxbridge is worth 50% more than it was a year ago.

It does however point to a troubling situation. The listing pool for in town homes is drying up with a very large percentage of the current homes for sale being located in the rural and out lying hamlet areas of Uxbridge.

Currently the number of homes available under $1,000,000 is seriously impacting our sales data. In addition it is making the home buying process very frustrating for the average first time home buyer.

Comparing November 2016 sales to October 2016 sales dropped 19.35%, while the average price rose 10.72% and the median price rose 3.75% When we look at similar numbers for 2015 we see sales dropped 13.89%, the average price rose 9.74% and the median price rose 9.71%

Remember the best way to determine the Current Market Value of your home, short of selling it on the open market, is to have a Comparable Market Analysis done for your home

Uxbridge Market Update

Median Sold Price This Month $830,000
Average Sale Price This Month $996,676
Median Sold Price Last Month $800,000
Average Sale Price Last Month $900,190

This past month there were 23 new listings and 25 residential sales reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board for Uxbridge. The 25 sales represents a 19.35% decrease from the 31 sales last month See the full report here

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Local Uxbridge And Area Month End Real Estate Market Snapshot


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Local Uxbridge And Area Month End Real Estate Market Snapshot

ME-stats-1 ME-stats-2

*see notes .. Figures represent the MLS Statistical Summary .. data source Toronto Real Estate Board

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Statistics Are What They Are

The Real Estate Market Is Local and sometimes hyper-Local While Statistics Charts and Graphs may provide an indication of market trends they should not be used to determine value trends in relation to a particular home or vicinity.

The best way to determine the Value of Your Home is a Comparative Market Analysis. To discuss today’s local Uxbridge Real Estate Market Conditions, the current value of your home or the marketing of your Home please Contact Me @ 905.852.6143

caveat – E&OE – these numbers reflect the raw data as reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board for the past month at the time of posting.

** “New” listings entered into the Toronto MLS® system between the first and last day of the month being reported may include listings that were previously listed and cancelled or expired and then relisted.