The Air We Breath

September 12, 2016


If you have any breathing issues you know that the air we breath impacts your health. Choosing where they live by the quality of the air they breath is very important to some.

You may not be one who considers the quality of air when you are searching for a home. …..


inside the lungs

Bronchoscopy Procedure – inside the lungs

“Over half of Toronto’s air pollution is emitted within the City’s boundaries, with the biggest local source being traffic including all types of on – road vehicles such as personal vehicles and freight trucks. On average, these sources account for about 280 deaths and 1,090 hospitalizations in the City each year or about 42% of premature deaths and 55% of hospitalizations due to air pollution emitted in Toronto. These values represent decreases as compared with 2007 estimates that air pollution from vehicles gave rise to about 440 deaths and 1,700 hospitalizations each year, but still represent an important health impact”from the executive eummary of the Toronto Public Health report  2014 Air Pollution Burden of Illness Tech RPT 

The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

Utilizing the information gathered from a network of 39 outside air monitoring stations across the province helps The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change work to protect and improve air quality through legislation, targeted programs, and partnerships with other jurisdictions.

If air Quality matters to you when searching for your dream home the information collected from these sites is posted on their web site @