Welcome 2017 … A Look Ahead At The Uxbridge Real Estate Market And More

January 7, 2017

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Wishing, you and your family peace, joy and prosperity throughout this New Year.

Speaking of the new year

2017 Uxbridge Real Estate Outlook

Average SalesSupply versus Demand … The Uxbridge Real Estate Market experienced a shortage of listings throughout 2016.  The shortage drove home prices to new heights as bidding wars resulted in homes selling for thousands and thousands of dollars over their realistic asking prices.

Unless the current supply/demand trends change drastically we can expect more of the same in 2017.

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With the convergence you see in the Sales vs Active Listings chart potentially continuing into the first quarter of 2017 we can expect bidding wars and over list sales to continue, at least through the spring market.

Supply vs DemandThe Sales vs Active Listings chart shows the number of sales (the demand) each month since January 2009 vs the Active listings (at month end) (the supply) since January 2009.

Sales Up Listings Down In 2016

With 381 sales in 2016 sales were up by 11.73% over the 341 sales in 2015.

New listings for the year were down 9.86% in 2016 compared to 2015 and down 16.17% from 2013 (the highest in the last 5 years)

2017 … What Canadians Have To Look Forward To

2017 Canadian Economic Outlook

Same Path Rockier Terrain … Will the economy remain in low gear, what contributors will affect the GDP … An overall Viewpoint

2017 Mortgage Rate Outlook

Quick and dirty … Expect Fixed mortgage rates to ease up … Expect Variable rates to ease down.

Details details details … The How And Why